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Synopsis :
It is said that lovebirds live in pair. Passing away of one will lead to the end of his or her partner; who will fast unto death. Could this really be true? A fact or a myth? Who pairs them up anyways? Just because someone decided to put those two birds in a single cage, a bond so strong develops that till death do they part. Sounds strange, a little improbable perhaps.
This story revolves round people who believe in this strange, improbable feeling.
Vishwas Inamdar regains consciousness in hospital only to find out that he has lost his memory post a nearly fatal accident that he met. The only person whom he can think of trusting and spending rest of his life with is Devika, his wife. Fate has brought him back to square one from where he now has to understand himself, people and situation around him with a fresh start.
Vishwas, who is a partner in a leading advertising firm, would be helped in this arduous journey of self exploration by his personal secretary Supriya.
In the fragile mental and emotional state that he is, Vishwas decides to go to office as he normally would. His visit to his workplace further perplexes him. How was he before that accident? Was he cheating on his wife? What kind of relationship did he have with his secretary? In this baffled state he finds on his table a bill for Lovebirds worth Rs. Five lakhs.
Why did he buy such a large number of lovebirds? To seek answer to this question he calls up the owner of the pet shop, Niranjan Sane. What follows after Sane meets him is a series of strange, perplexing events.
What Vishwas gets to know is contrasting information about people who surround him and are close to him. He treads on the thorny path of trust and non trust on his intimate relationships. What reveals to him in midst of this mayhem is his own past, which is none the less mysterious. He comes to know of a serious crime committed before his memory loss.
In order to save himself from this mess, he would have to put his faith in someone. But who would that someone be?
A compulsive thriller that would glue you to the end with waited breath.

Actors :

Devika Inamdar : Amruta Subhash
Vishvas Inamdar : Aniket Vishvasrao
Sane : Girish Salavi
Supriya : Ketaki Saraf

Technicians :

Ajay pujare : Set Incharge
Niranjan Vidyasag : Stage Manager
Baban Bhagat : Video Projector Operator
Anil takalkar : Lights Operator
Rochan Ganu : Music Operator
Aatish Kumbhar : Sound Operator
Sachin Kirloskar : Video Camera Operator


  1. I enjoyed and liked the play "Lovebirds". It is really an exicting play that keeps you interested till the end. Some brilliant performances from Aniket and Amruta, while the rest have also chipped in. Happy to see a thriller on Marathi Rangabhumi after a long time. Memorable scene was firing scene just prior to the break. Kudos to the team for providing an excellent natak. Keep it up guys!

  2. Awesome play....!! Good performances from Aniket Vishwasrao & Amruta...!!keep it up....guys...!!

  3. Mast... Mast... Mast..
    Brilliant performances Aniket Vishwasrao & Amruta Subhash,Girish Salavi and Ketaki Sharaf..
    Keet it up..........

  4. Firstly..
    Its so difficult expressing our feelings abt a Marathi Play that too in English…

    In the start in many scenes.. we couldn’t see Amruta’s expressions as she faced her back to the Audience…

    Rest entire time.. she played an amazing role.. it was nice to see her different.. Western outfits.. A high society female… She really presented and acted well… I am her big fan.. Also started actually respecting her the moment I got to know that she is Gulzar’s Inspiration…

    Aniket was a surprise package… so different… He did a mind blowing job along with Amruta…

    The other two characters were a cherry on pie…

    Costume designing was awesome…

    Overall.. I never realized that it was a “shubharambha”…

    Credit goes to the director as well…

    Looking forward for more such plays…

  5. From:Jyoti Shetye
    A great suspense thriller.Natak parat parat baghavasa vatta..Great acting of Aniket Vishwasrao And Amruta Subhash..Majhi ashi echha aahe ya natkala khup yash milude..Ya natakache khup shows houde....All the best

  6. Natak khup mast aahe,mala khup aavadla..
    Natak khup hit honar...I Like The Acting Of Aniket Vishwasrao and Amruta Subhash Very Much...Ani is best....

  7. archana patwardhanMay 4, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    saw the play on 4th May in Thakre. spendid play. the idea of using visuals is simply teriffic. Great coordination between viusals and actual drama. Actors acted very well. The artist who played charecter of sane was a pleasant surprise.written and directed very well the nepathya is impressive so are the coustums. cheers to marathi rangabhoomi!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wonderful acting by Aniket & Amruta.Overall a very different and good play.

  9. Hiii guys me kal navin marathi natak " LOVE BIRDS" pahila.....khoopch mast,,&,soild natak ahe...lights,sound,,,direction all great.. aani khas karun "AMRUTA SUBHASH' & my friend " ANIKET VISHWASRAO" ya doganchya he uttam aabhinay.. ya mule ya natakachi rangat ajunch vadhli ahe...so jenva he natak tumchya javlchya natyagruhat asel tenva jaun nakki bagha...<<<<"LOVE BIRDSSSSSSSSSSS">>>>>>

  10. Hi Aniket
    Tussi great ho...different role in lovebirds...ani tu to mast kela aahes......natakacha suspense hi solid aahe. Girish joshi na tyabaddal sangitale hi ani shubheccha hi dilya...Even Amruta subhash looks pretty in western outfits & acted best....ani tu
    tar kay sollid....sagle bolayche tu chocolate hero...pan hya natakanitula different role deun
    tuzyatil kalavantala solid scope dila aahe
    Keep it up & all the very best to u & yr career..................

  11. Kal 7 May ratri 8.30 at Thakrey Ek jabardast saspense natak LOVE BIRDS pahile. Khupach chhan.
    Sarvancha abhinay surekhach hota. Niranjan Sane chi bhumika Girish Salvini Khupppach naturally keli. Aniket sudha khup chan vatla. Amruta Subhsh tar great aahech.. Sampurna natkacha prabhav chan hota aani Sets, light effects, dresses sarva chaan aahe. Saspens great. Phakta cuttlery badlavi evdhi apeksha. Office aani Gharat ekach mug kasa kay vapru shaktat evdhe shrimant lok? Aani drinks cha bar aasnarya mansakade glasses evdhe vait aasu shaktat ka?

  12. Great play. Very gripping. Keeps you hooked on till the end.

  13. superb plot,nice set design,effective lights...nice work by girish salvi n aniket...congrts

  14. Alpana ShirgaonkarMay 8, 2011 at 10:39 AM

    Wonderful play... Well done team... Using AV on stage was a brilliant idea... it gave a great height to the overall experience... Girish... extraordinery writing and direction. Feeling very proud for you. All the artists especially Amruta and Girish Salvi... outstanding performance!

  15. नमस्कार लवबर्ड्स टीम ,
    मंगलवार ३ मे चा रात्री ८ वाजताचा प्रयोग पहिला. बऱ्याच दिवसानी मराठीत एक चांगले सस्पेंस थ्रिलर नाटक बघितले.
    छान अनुभव होता.सर्व कलाकारांची कामे मस्त झाली.
    पुढील सर्व प्रयोगांसाठी शुभेच्छा.
    सौ. शिल्पा अमित सांगलीकर

  16. Saw a Marathi play after years, and what a play !! Terrific performances by Aniket Vishwasrao and Amruta Subhash. Terrific plot and story and excellent presentation overall. Absolutely loved it !!

  17. लव बर्ड्स’ आताच पाहून आले, जरा नाटक तांत्रिक कारणामुळे उशिरा सुरु झाले तरी तसे पुणेकर रसिक रसिकता टिकून ठेवणारे आणि सौजन्य, पाळणारे आहेत. नाटक अप्रतिम आहे. लाईट चे इफेक्ट्स खूपच परिणाम कारक तसेच धक्कादायक, नरेंद्र भिडे यांचे संगीत अंगावर काटा आणणारे, प्रोजेक्टर आणि जिवंत नाटक याची सांगड योग्य रित्या सांभाळली आहे. एडिटिंग पण एकदम सॉलिड, तुझ्या आभिनया बद्दल काय सांगू सर्व स्टेज व्यापून टाकणारा तुझा अभिनय, तू इतकी सुंदर, आकर्षक दिसली आहेस कि विचारू नकोस , विशेषता; लाल साडीत .... ड्रेस सर्वच डोळ्यात भरणारे तेवढेच आकर्षक.. सर्व सौंदर्यवती एका बाजूला आणि अमृता सुभाष एका बाजूला.... प्रेक्षकांना खिळून ठेवणारे नाटक .....नाटकातला सस्पेन्स , त्यातले थ्रील कुठेहि ढळून दिले नाही हि यातील सर्वात जमेची बाजू तेवढेच कौतुक करावेसे वाटते ते अनिकेतचे, अनिकेत विश्वासराव ने त्याच्याच आडनावातील 'विश्वास; आणि नाटकतील 'विश्वास' इतका मस्त उभा केलाय कि तो ‘विश्वास’ आहे असाच ‘'विश्वास’ प्रेक्षकांना वाटावा, साने यांनी त्यांचे नाव माहित नाही पण त्यांनी त्यांच्या भूमिकेला योग्य असाच न्याय दिला आहे, साने यांच्या तोंडी दिलेली वाक्ये टाळ्या घेणारी आहेत, त्यामुळे अभिनय वजनदार झाला आहे, सुप्रिया पण मस्त. एकंदरीत नाटक गर्दी खेचणार हे नक्की, खूप दिवसांनी एक नवीन दर्जेदार नाटक रसिकांना पाहायला मिळणार, नाटकातला शेवट खूपच धक्कादायक गिरीश जोशीचे दिग्दर्शन खूपच ‘जोशात’ झाले आहे. खूप खूप प्रयोग करायला लागणार आहेत हे धरून चालायला काहीच हरकत नाही. रसिक हे नाटक डोक्यावर घेतील हे नक्की........ रसिकांना चांगल्या कृतीच ची पारख असते, ते जाहिराती पेक्षा ‘Mouth Publicity’ ने जास्त त्यांच्या जवळ पोचते असे मला वाटते. ‘अमृता’ मधून अभिनायचे ‘अमृत’ असेच पाझरत राहो आणि रसिक त्या ‘अमृता’ मध्ये ओलेचिंब भिजून न्हाहून जावोत हीच श्रीं इच्छा असावी असे मला वाटते. असा हा अमृताचा गोडवा , तिचा आवाजाचा गोड गळा, तिची माणुसकी, अभिनायचा तिचा दर्जा, असा हा ‘अमृत रुपी कलश’ सतत भरलेला राहू दे हीच गणपती बाप्पा कडे प्रार्थना………(मुग्धा भिडे पुणे…. मोबाईल नंबर .९७६७७२०३६०)

  18. 'Lovebirds ... worth a dekho!!!'
    Went for a Marathi play after ages and that too only when my uncle and aunt insisted that I must watch 'Lovebirds'. Since there has been a dearth of good plays these days, didn't feel like watching a play. I mean really good plays and not just about average.
    Sanjana Kothare

    I found 'Lovebirds' extremely mesmerizing and worth a mention hence taking efforts to pen down my comments out here. Not only that I am also promoting this play to all I know. The play was worth the effort taken to reach Thakerey at Borivali on 7th May following the maddening traffic jams.

    Kudos to Aniket, Amruta, Girish and Ketki too. A simple plot but well woven. All characters carry weight-age and have done justice to their respective characters. No over acting done by any characters. Good script. Nevertheless the performances of these four characters are outstanding and came out to be very natural. Light and sound effects were good. The minor flaws can very well be ignored considering the performances of these four characters who don't let your mind wander to notice the petty errors in the play.

    And most importantly, very proud to 'finally' have 'good looking' Maharashtrian actors and actresses around these days. Aniket and Amruta ... Cheers to both of you and wishing you all the best in your respective careers.May you take Marathi rangabhoomi and Marathi movies to a new height.

  19. Presentation Khup chan ahe....
    Amruta Aniket & Girish cha performance jabardast ahe.....
    All the best to the team....

  20. Sanjay Gaydhani sanjay_gay2234@gmail.com

    Baki sagala uttam aahe pan mala end jara apurna vatala. Ajun kahi goshti explain vhayala hayat asa vatala.

  21. upendra modak

    firing scene before the interval was thrilling. never saw such a stunt on stage. solid !!

  22. Glad to see such a huge crowed at washi today. Normally Friday Afternoon nobody expects such a big audience. And after watching the play I got the answer. Such a powerful play. I am a fan of Girish Joshi. His work inspires me. But this is such a different play. And such a rich production. Great work.

  23. Kal Yeshwantrao Chavan Natyagruha Kothrudla parayog aamhi pahila.Natak vegala ani chan aahe pahayala pun dusrya ankacha shevat thoda laab (motha) zalela watla-prekshak jambhaya det baher padle !!!Abhinaya va sanvaad punchy aahet.Amruta Subhashcha sahaj sunadar (dyaya arthi)abhinaya va Girish Salvi bhav khavun jatat.Anikethi ekdam top form madhye aahe.Secretary jara ajun smart,chunchunit havi-Ad companyla shobhel ashi-jari to role lahan asla tari.Video effects are great.Natakacha marketing vegla model ghevun karta yeel.I can help if required.

  24. Kal lovebirds baghitala. Natak Shevat parayant gripping hota. Projector cha blackout madhala vapar masta. Ekun natak avadala

  25. Jabardasta natak aahe. Shevat paryanta suspense kalala nahi. Great acting by all the four actors. Really good music. It's 5th character of the play.

  26. Bravo Amruta n Aniket,nice dramma. Both of you acted very well. Only the thing is that I found that those clippings must not b there bcos it makes feeling of watching movie and not dramma. and also it breaks d continuity. But I must say that after long days u gave us suspense thriller dramma. Thanx.Amruta u r really a great actress. Even Aniket proved his potential.Good chemistry. ALL THE BEST.... hoping u would give us such best drammas.

  27. Supriya RajpurkarMay 20, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    kharach masta natak hota!!!!
    aniket ua acting was outstanding.....
    i wud really love to see ua more plays!!!!
    good sound n light work...
    d firing seen was fantastic...
    thanks to d whole team of "LOVE BIRDS" for giving us a zhhakkas piece of entertainment...

  28. "AWESOME !!!!!!!" it was so interesting and full of suspence..that the story was rolling in my mind for 2 days...

    But really amaizing.All characters were very excellent and really made us stay on our chair for a long time...

    Amruta and Aniket were amaizing..and the story was cool...

    HANDSOFF to all of them !!!

  29. Natak Mast..

    pan jara ending var rework karayla have ajun mast hoel..

    Nikhil Bhumkar

  30. Hats off to Lovebirds team. Its a all new and fantastic expirience. Presentation of past and present details by videoclips is superb. It helps
    the flow of story very nicely. Everybody has realy
    done very well. But a seperate mention for Amruta is must. We now expect more from you now.

    All the best to all team.

    Dr Harish Sarode , sarodeharish@gmail.com

  31. Awesome play..it really keeps u glued till the end of the play...takes sudden twists when u think its almost solved....very nice climax....really a wonderful effort by Lovebirds team...!!! Aniket and Amruta are too good....

  32. Very nice play. Thrilling Experience!!!
    Amruta and Aniket Rocks. Good Teamwork and Perfect Timing

  33. First of all congratulations to the team of LOVEBIRDS. I was haunted and thrilled .

    I came from Goa to spend my holidays here and I too belong to Theatre of Goa,this play attracted my attention.In Goa we dont have full fledge commercial theatre thats y we dont get to watch plays like LOVEBIRDS OR WHITE LILLY N N.R.

    To begin with its title Lovebirds,it was appropriate and contrasting too.

    Technically,good timing in between the blackouts and "Live and Recorded" technique.

    I met Aniket and Amruta backstage but couldn't meet the Director,Mr.Joshi.Thank you for a wonderful play.I'd a great time.Come to Goa as well with its shows.

    Kajal Chodankar

  34. me& my family liked the play a lot.. each character was awesum specialy aniket n amruta...
    just 1 more thig the whole play was vry wel but u should improve the end... end kai patla naii... thnxss...

  35. "Lovebirds" very superbly directed and brilliantly performed suspense thriller...Well designed rich set, costumes, videos, music, overall gr8 efforts and presentation by all team members, gud 2 see a fresh team of actors....all artiste were perfectly fitted in their roles except the doctor in the mruntanjay hosp in second scene seemed to be unfit in his character and was more of casual ...so if possible some change is required in that....rest was the best as expected from director...as i liked your Final draft very much.... Loverbirds rocks...keep it up !!!

  36. Wonderful drama. Though the story was good, the screenpay and the direction is awesome. Particularly the idea of screen on the stage is simple amazing and breathtaking. Hands up to them who concepted the idea and done it so successful. What to talk about Amrita. She is all time best so also Girish. All the best to the team. Cheers up.

  37. The Play 'LoveBirds' is a truly a roller coaster ride. Saw Yesterday at Yashwant Rao @ Pune. Even if there is nothing new about the plot but the presentation is really amazing. The videos shown in the play takes us beyond stage and gives the feel of watching a movie. What to speak about the cast, The performance of Aniket is very matured. No words to describe Amruta & last but not the least Giris Salvi reminds us the performance of Danny in the Raj Bubber, Dimple Kapadia Starrer "Aitbar". The background score is awsom. Nepathya is the heart of this play. The timing of the play is such a wonderful that within no second the one scene changes to another. The light effects are marvellous and what to speak about the thrills simply Great!!!

    I appeal to every one who have watched & will watch this play to promote the play as there is a need for Marathi Rangabhumi to have such a thrilling & serious plays. Lastly Hats off to Girish Joshi!!!!!

  38. काळ रात्रीचा खेळ यशवंतराव चव्हाण नाट्यगृहात पहिला. हे नाटक एक मराठी रंगभूमीवरील वेगळा प्रयोग म्हणून पहिलेच पाहिजे. स्टेज वरील अभिनयाबरोबरच पडद्या वरील PROJECTED दृश्य ह्यांचा सुरेख मेल आणि वापर हि एक जमेची बाजू म्हणावी लागेल. बाकी स्टेज वर खरे पिस्तोल FIRING वगैरेही नवीनच. कलाकारांचे म्हणाल तर सगळ्यांनीच उत्तम कामे केलेली आहेत.

    आता जरा स्टोरी (PLOT) बद्दल लिहितो. एकंदरीत प्लॉट थोडासा सपक किंवा WEAK वाटतो. मला आणि कदाचित बऱ्याच प्रेक्षकांना नाटकाचा सस्पेन्स साधारण पहिल्या २५-३० मिनिटातच कळतो. नंतर फक्त प्रेक्षक आपल्याला जे कळले आहे ते तसेच आहे का हे verify करण्यासाठी नाटक बघतो. प्रेक्षकांचा mindset मुद्दाम आणि परत परत वेगळ्या दिशेला वळवायचा दिग्दर्शकाचा किंवा लेखकाचा प्रयत्न हा सारखा जाणवतो. आणि तेथेच सुज्ञ प्रेक्षकाला सस्पेन्स confirm होतो. बाकी मेलेल्या माणसाची प्रतिमा त्याला मारण्या एवढी negetive भासवण्यात नाटक कमी पडते. शेवट थोडासा हाताबाहेर जावू लागल्यासारखा वाटतो आणि अनपेक्षित रित्या नाटक संपते. नाटकाच्या प्लॉट वर आणि संहितेवर अजून कामाची गरज आहे. अमृता सुभाषचे वावरणे हे पहिल्या एन्ट्री पासूनच नाटकाच्या शेवटा बद्दल सुचवत असते. अनिकेत विश्वासराव ने विश्वास छान केलाय आणि पूर्ण नाटकातील नाटकीयाता त्याने पुरेपूर जपलीय. अमृता सुभाष च्या भूमिकेवर अजून मेहनत घेणे गरजेचे आहे. तिची भूमिका, व्यक्तिरेखा आणि स्टेज वरील वावर फारच वरवरचा वाटतो. लेखकाला किंवा दिग्दर्शकाला अपेक्षित शेवट मला नाही वाटत साध्य होत आहे. बाकीच्या व्यक्तिरेखा आपापल्या जागी एकदम फिट झाल्या आहेत.

    नाटकाच्या पुढील वाटचाली साठी शुभेच्छा.

  39. Pradeep ChafekarJune 2, 2011 at 4:58 AM

    I saw Lovebirds last night. It's a classic play with brilliant performances especially by Amruta.... she's amazing ! The storyline with its suspense, twists and turns of events made us swindle like a pendulum where we keep on associating with different characters at different times.. that's really wonderful and remarkable. Frankly, I liked the performances best in descending order of Amruta, Girish, Ketki and then Aniket. Amruta, Girish & Ketki have maintained the grip well on the story and unfolding events. Aniket is good but many a times his pronounciations are either unclear or loud which didn't appear necessary. Music, sets, audio-visuals are just perfect in-synch with the requirement of the plot. I think it all shows that if the fundamentals like good theme, well-worded story are supported by talented acts, good music and accessories, it can give the best possible impact of the play. Overall, a very powerful play with equally powerful performances of all !! Congrats Amruta.. for producing such a masterpiece !! And all the best... !!!

  40. माधव वझे, ७ वीणां अपार्टमेंट, कर्वे रोड स्टेट बँकेमागे, पुणे ४११ ००४
    (दूरध्वनी ०२०-२५ ४५ ४८ ४८)

    लव बर्डस:

    लव बर्डस पाहिले.लेखन आणि प्रयोग दोन्ही आवडले.रहस्य आणि भयचकीतता असे
    दोन्ही प्रकारचे ताण सुरवातीपासून शेवटपर्यंत जाणवत राहिले.लेखकानेच प्रयोगाचे दिग्दर्शन केल्यामुळे
    ते सहज शक्य झाले असावे.

    अशा प्रकारचे नाटक लिहिणे सोपे नाही. असंख्य तपशील, कथानकातील गुंतागुंतीची मती गुंग करणारी
    वळणे, आणि तरीही त्यामध्ये एक तर्कक्रम काटेकोरपणे सांभाळायचा...गिरीश जोशी यांनी ते साधले आहे. त्यांना सूक्ष्म विनोदबुद्धी आहे. ताण हलके करायला आणि निर्माण करायलाही तिचा उपयोग त्यानी करून घेतलेला दिसतो. कथानकात रस घेताना गिरीश जोशी यांनी व्यक्तीचित्रणही उत्तम केले आहे. त्यातही खासगी हेराची व्यक्तिरेखा लोभस आहे.

    लव बर्डसचा मी पाहिलेला प्रयोग उत्तम होता. अशा नाटकाची प्रयोगातील गती हा कळीचा मुद्दा असतो. नेपथ्यामध्ये आवश्यक असलेले बदल ही त्या मार्गातली मोठी अडचण ठरू शकली असती.पण गिरीश जोशी आणि नेपथ्य रचनाकार प्रदीप मुळ्ये यांनी तो प्रश्न कल्पकतेने सोडवला आहे. अर्थातच कलाकारांनीही गतीचे भान प्रयोगभर राखल्यामुलेच हे रहस्य-नाट्य रंगते. अनिकेत विश्वासरावला मी प्रथमच रंगमंचावर पहिले. भूमिकेला तो अनुरूप दिसतो आणि भूमिकेचे एकंदर अवसान (बेअरिंग) त्याने सुरेख सांभाळले. त्याचे शब्दोच्चार मात्र सदोष म्हणजे काहीसे जड असल्याचे सतत जाणवत राहते. त्याच्या बायकोची भूमिका अमृता सुभाषने अनेक छटा व बारकावे हेरून केली. म्हणजे, आवाजातले चढउतार, आवाजात निर्माण होणारा कंप आणि एकूणच देहबोली..

    Mumbai Theatre Guide मध्ये श्रीमती रानडे यांनी अमृता कधी कधी irritating वाटते असे का म्हटले असावे ते लक्षात येत नाही पण अमृता, सफाईने करीत असली तरी, अभिनय करते आहे, अभिनेत्रीची सर्व कौशल्ये वापरीत आहे हे मात्र एकसारखे जाणवत राहते. दुबेजी जन्मभर सांगत आले, तो Focus अमृता विसरते हे या आधीही लक्षात येत आले आहे!

    केतकी सराफ्ने म्हटले तर लहानशीच भूमिका, तिला तिचे रंग-रूप मिळवून देऊन साकार केली आहे. बोलताना केंव्हा केंव्हा सुराचे भान सुटते त्याकडे मात्र लक्ष द्यायला हवे! प्रयोगात विशेष लक्षात राहिला तो गिरीश साळवीचा गुप्त हेर. त्याने त्या गुप्त हेराला त्याचे व्यक्तिमत्व मिळवून दिले. आणि ते सोपे नाही हे कोणताही कलाकार जाणतो! अर्थात गिरीश बरोबर काही श्रेय गीता गोडबोले यांनी योजलेल्या योग्य वेशभूषेला जाते याची नोंद केली पाहिजे.

    केवळ गुप्त हेराचीच नाही तर, इतर पात्रांचीही वेशभूषा म्हणजे पोत,रंग आणि design मराठी रंगभूमीवरील परिचयाच्या-प्रचलित वेशभूषेला छेद देणारे आहेत.

    तुलनेने प्रकाश योजना आणि संगीत रचना (अनुक्र्मे गिरीश जोशी आणि नरेंद्र भिडे) केवळ कार्यकारी (functional) आहेत असे दिसते. प्रकाश योजनेने साधलेले काही दृश्य परिणाम (effects) ठीक असले तरी नाटकाचे स्वरूप लक्षात घेता एकूण प्रयोगात, तिचा अधिक सहभाग असायला हवा होता असे जाणवत राहिले.

    तसा सहभाग प्रदीप मुळ्ये ह्यानी केलेल्या नेपथ्य रचनेचा मात्र आहे! एकतर black and white आणि red and black अशी भिंती आणि बैठकींची रंगसंगती नाटकाच्या प्रकाराला आणि शैलीला सुसंगत ठरते. “Design means thinking made ….” हे जाहिरातीच्या कार्यालयात सहज समोर येऊ शकणारे वचन कदाचित designया शब्दाचा योजना, बेत, असाही एक अर्थ सुचवू पाहत आहेसे वाटते .अर्थात असा अर्थ व्यक्ती सापेक्ष असणार आणि नाटक जसे पुढे सरकेल , तेंव्हाच तो लक्षात येणार. (प्रत्येक प्रेक्षक स्वतःचे असे एक नाटक, नाटक पाहताना निर्माण करीत असतो हेच खरे)!

    नाटक आणि त्याचा प्रयोग एकंदरीने प्रेक्षकांना पसंत पडत असले तरी, त्यांचे समाधान त्याने होत आहे असे म्हणता येणार नाही. रहस्यमय नाटकाची ती एक मर्यादा आहे. ते प्रेक्षकांशी काही संवाद साधत नाही. त्यांना सहभागी करून घेत नाही. मध्यंतरात काय किंवा प्रयोग संपल्यावर काय, प्रेक्षकांना नाटकाबद्दल कोणाशी तरी बोलायचे असते. एकमेकांच्या अनुभवांशी ते कितपत जुळते, जुळत नाही ते त्यांना माहित करून घ्यायला आवडते.. या नाटकाबद्दल काही एक तर्क करण्या पलीकडे प्रेक्षकांनी काय करावे? प्रयोग चांगला होतो आहे किंवा प्रयोग चांगला झाला हे कोणी कशाला सांगायला हवे? मराठी रंगभूमीवर अजून तरी, The Play is the Thing हेच सत्य आहे!

    प्रेक्षकांचा अभिप्राय नोंदविण्याची सोय तुम्ही केलीत या बद्दल अभिनंदन आणि धन्यवाद! सध्या वृत्तपत्रांचे प्राधान्यक्रम काही वेगळेच झाले आहेत; त्यामुळे कलाविषयक गंभीरपणाने लिहिलेले त्यांना नकोसे झाले आहे असे दिसते. अभिप्राय, अनुकूल-प्रतिकूल आहे किंवा आवडणारा- न-आवडणारा आहे हा प्रश्न नाही. गंभीरपणाने दखल घेतली जाणे महत्वाचे असे मला वाटते. असो

    माधव वझे .

  41. Bhalchandra GokhaleJune 4, 2011 at 12:39 AM

    omment Edited:

    1. Overall drama is really good one.
    2. The starting is confusing and short. The house is a 'mess' but that is not established properly or rather it is established very quickly.
    3. Speed of the drama is less because of the comedy effect. With cutting of some unwanted conversation, speed can be increased by 25% more.
    4. Ultimately where the money goes is not explained properly.
    5. The audio video effect is used very creatively. Good idea.
    6. I am not expert 'critic', this is just to share with others. thanks a lot.
    7. Congrats for something innovative and different.

    Bhalchandra Gokhale,
    Astro-Vaastu Counseller

  42. Comment Edited :

    Amar said...

    I saw "Lovebirds" on 29th May 11, at Shivaji Mandir, Dadar. I have always been a fan of thrillers and as far as possible watch this genre whenever it hits the Marathi theater.

    I would like to appreciate the performances of the cast in this play. Aniket was simply superb. It is obvious that he is a professional who gives his 100% in every scene. His role is demanding and must be very tiring indeed. The scene where he trips over the dead body (second half), and screams is terrific. Amrita Subhash was especially good in the second half, when she is shown to be a bit of a psyco. Girish Salvi was spontenous and natural as the detective. Who ever designed his dressing style for the play did a great job. It suited his role and character perfectly. I compliment Ketki Saraf.

    Wish there are more plays in this genre in Marathi. Normally such plays have a shock effect (since you are watching it live), which even the best horror or thriller cannot produce on screen. I have found that thrillers hitting the marathi rangbhumi are quite well made. But they are very rare for some reason. Perhaps, a large majority of Marathi audience prefers comedy.

    Keep it up and all the very best!!

  43. I saw the show at Gadakari. 2/6/2011. Great Play. Just reading comments before writing my own. Many people think that end is abrupt but I like it. It is more like recent Hollywood movies. Sudden twist and some thinking left for the audience. Some times provision for part 2 !!
    Overall handling of the play is also modern. Great relief from watching same, old, feel good comedies on Marathi Theater.

  44. Watched this drama on 6th June at Dinanath...Enjoyed a lot....Have always liked GIRISH JOSHI's writing & direction....was pleasantly surprised to meet him in person at the theatre....Told him that we have watched all his dramas and for us the name GIRISH JOSHI means a MUST WATCH drama...High quality script and powerful dialogues are guaranteed.....The script has been written keeping in mind that there are no gaps in this complex story...the tooth cavity and airline ticket to GOA give suitable hints to the audience that there is some missing link to this whole suspense drama....Girish Joshi's scripts require quality actors with good pronounciation capability and both Aniket and Amruta Subhash have performed quite well though they can not match actors from his earlier dramas ( FINAL DRAFT and WHILE LILY & NIGHT RIDER ).....Our Best wishes for the success of this wonderful drama
    By Vijay Bhide

  45. Excellent play wonderful acting by Aniket & Amruta.Overall a very different and good play. Congratulations for all your Team.
    Nainesh Sitaram Sakpal naineshsakpal@yahoo.co.uk

  46. Sameer....

    The show Love birds was nice i watched it on 4th june.

    The acting done by Mr.Girish salavi is fabulous & very much interesting, but the acting done by the leading actors Aniket vishwasrao & Amruta subhash was ordinary, i will say over acting,

    story was good, but play is little long,

    over all play is good

  47. Superb play !!!
    I had gone to Shivaji Mandir for some work last Sunday evening and accidently saw the poster of LoveBirds. Saw the starcast and got tempted to watch the play, but came home without buying tickets around 7.15pm. But after coming home, I could not control myself from going for 7.30pm play, deciding all of a sudden.
    We were really amazed to see the play. It is awesome. Aniket and Amruta are fantastic actors, but Girish and Ketki also surprised by their talents. Nice change in Amrita's outfits to western wears. Amruta is best, but Aniket is super duper wonderful guy. Amruta had time to take rest inbetween from acting during the play, but Aniket was continuously on stage delivery dialogues, showing expressions. To act continuously for 2 n 1/2 hours without taking break is not easy task.
    I would comment that why there is not much advertising of this natak ? People who have not seen the natak yet, please make them aware that they are missing something. Do some publicity and recommend others to go for this. I have already done it and will be doing.
    Expect such good plays in future too.

  48. excellent overall play is good


  49. wonderful play
    i]we liked the performance of all, especially the voice modulation by Mr.Aniket Vishwasrao. the private detective's work was toooooo good.
    i think you could have a better ending, as in finally he lives as whom ? Vishwas or Vikram ?
    where all the money goes?
    i felt that it is incomplete

  50. uttam natak.good teamwork. keep it up.

  51. Its a very good suspense show. All acted superb. Best story, direction, music, special visual effects, lights. Videos played a very differnt nice role in the show. Really enjoyed it thoroughly!
    Kavita Tikekar

  52. Apratim...............
    Only word i got to describe this as i saw Marathi play after 5 years so.....

  53. Khupp thrilling ahe ani hupp awadala.....Just watch show at gadkari on 12 june...........Khupp chan watala and like the suspence.......

  54. Manisha ( tanayya.tare@gmail.com)
    Mast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Marathi natak and Suspense Triller ...worth watching it ........
    Idea of screen was nice...
    Amruta, Girish and Aniket all acted nicely...
    But Aniket u r really great ... u were continously on the stage and acting was superb.....
    Great to c u in this role Aniket
    Wish u all great success !!!!!!!!

  55. 11 June laa Mulund, Mumbai ithlya Mahakavi Kalidas Natyagruha madhe ‘Lovebirds’ hya natkacha prayog pahanyacha yoga ala. Baryach divsannantar asa chan rahasyamay natak pahila…kharach khup chan vatala…saglyanchech abinay hae tya patrala nyay denare hote…natkacha pratyek khsan ha aapli utsukta vadhavnara hota…background madhlya video images cha upyog ha khup changla kela aahe…hya natkache digdarshan he prekshakanna pretyek kshani khurchilaa khilavun thevnare aahe…overall mala hae natak khup avadla…ani ashich nataka yet rahavi ashi asha karto…

  56. maast naataak aahe must see it

  57. I saw this drama at Vishnudas Bhave ,Navi Mumbai on 19'th June. It is very good suspense thriller, very good use of Vedio and new technology ,I Think it is first time in Marathi Drama.Acting of both Amruta & Aniket is best in all respect perticularly Aniket is playing first time such big role in drama & and he ramains almost altime on the stage. Also about Amruta she played very good role in this Drama , no dought she is very good actor, singer and what else she is allrounder.and Girish Salvi also played very good role of private detective. also Ketki Saraf is very nice in her short role. Girish Joshi's direction ,lights ,Writting is also wonderful. In all respect it is very very good Drama. Keep it up & best wishes for further success, hope such type of drama's in future from this team.

  58. Recently saw the play "Lovebirds"

    I would like to compliment the whole team for a innovative and different play. I was bored sick of the endless, mindless comedies on Marathi theater, so much so, that I had stopped watching plays.

    I wish to compliment Aniket Vishwasrao for his talent, effort, acting and voice modulation. He works hard for the entire duration of the play and is simply superb. I am glad that Marathi theater / cinema has finally got a handsome and goodlooking actor. Right from the Ashok Saraf / Laxmikant Berde / Sachin days, Marathi cinema and theater has only average looking actors, who love to play the "bumbling idiot" character roles. Aniket is a welcome and refreshing change. I have been his fan since his TV serial days and am glad to see his committment and talent first hand.

    Amruta did a great jon, as did Ketki and Salvi. They all played their characters quite well.

    The shooting scene was the highlight of the play. I heard a few people gasp loudly on that one.

    I would request people to promote this play even more, so that producers make more such plays instead of the usual comedies.


  59. काल बर्‍याच दिवसांनी शिवाजी मंदिरला नाटक बघायला गेलो होतो. पहिल्या काही मिनिटातच ‘लव्हबर्डस’ या नाटकाने मनाची पकड घेतली आणि ती नाटक संपेपर्यंत कायम राहिली. रंगमंचावर अतिशय वेगाने घटना घडत होत्या आणि त्या प्रेक्षागृह मंत्रमुग्ध होवून पाहात होतं. बर्‍याच वर्षांनंतर असा थरार रंगमंचावर पाहिला.

    अमृता सुभाष, अनिकेत विश्वासराव, गिरीश साळवी आणि केतकी सराफ सर्वांचेच अभिनय वाखणण्याजोगे, अमृता सुभाष तर भुमिका जगतेय असंच वाटत होतं. थोडक्यात काय, एक सर्वांगसुंदर नाटक बघायलाच हवं असं. हे नाटक बघाच.


  60. Khup Chan.... Khup divsaani ek chan natak pahayala milal... Sai Sakshi hi santha nehmich kahitari navin karte ani te hya natakatahi aadhalun yet... Saglyani jarur pahav....

  61. Amazing..i was about to miss this thru indecisiveness first about booking the ticket and then an important concall... but somehow i made it..and what a wonderful performance...especially girish salvi..FULLY PAISA VASOOOL...

  62. It was an exciting show. Wonderful performance by all especially Girish Salvi.

  63. I loved the Lovebirds Play...

    I have wrote review on my blog...

    Here is the link: http://www.mandarapte.com/reviews/lovebirds-suspense-story-marathi-play/

  64. Naatak faarach sundar aahe.Suspense thriller ani vegvan aahe.Sarvat chan kaam Girirsh Salvincha aahe.Aaplyakadun hya pudhe ashach suspense thriller natakanchi bhet milavi he vinanti...

  65. Awesome!!!! SUPERB play!!!!! 100% successful!!! Amruta and Aniket both are GREAT!!! And GIRISH SALVI also!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! Cant explain in words!!!!

  66. mast zabardast natak.Aniket ani Amrutacha Abhinay,story,suspense aavdala

  67. I watched the show with my wife on 12/7/2011 at Balgandharv Pune . I liked it so much , a great suspense thriller . Awesome acting by Amruta And Aniket . I m a great admirer of Amruta Subhash , she is very versatile actress and she is just fantastic on stage .

    Rahul Dhokte , Pune

  68. very nice.........
    all character r gudddd

  69. Natak jabardast ahe. Mala Aniket & Amruta doghe hi khup avadale. Apratim Abhinay!!!!!!!!!!

  70. saw the play on 24th july at Vishnudas Bhave. Let me start off by congratulating the entire cast and crew for brilliantly portraying a really good script! its hard to come by a good marathi play and that too being a thriller just took the cherry! excellent performances by both amruta and aniket. Mr. Sane's character reminded me a lot about "Feluda", Satyajit ray's character. excellent job and keep up the good work!

  71. Hi,
    i am amita. i saw the play 3 times (a big fan of suspense) and every time it was a treat to watch such a lovely act. The screen effect was really very good. i would like to appreciate the technician who handed such a difficult job of the videos as the mistake from him could have affected the play adversely. Too good a job to discribe. the act, and emotions were also played so nicely that we get involved in it. i am desperatly looking forward for the teams future work. Amita : amitas.astrix@gmail.com

  72. lovebirdscomments.blogspot.com,

    मराठीत एकेकाळी प्रायोगिक रंगभूमीकडे फार आशेने लोक बघत. मुंबईत छबिलदास मध्ये तर काय नवीन चाललय ह्या आशेने हटकून जाणे करावे वाटत असे. खैर कालौघात जशा बर्‍याच गोष्टी लुप्त होतात तसे हे प्रयोग करणेही अस्त पावले. पण काल एक नाटक "लव्ह-बर्डस्‌" पाहिले व एक सुखद आश्चर्याचा धक्काच बसला.
    ह्या नाटकात, एक नवा प्रयोग करण्यात आला आहे. रंगमंचावर मधोमध एक स्क्रीन ठेवण्यात आला असून त्यावर प्रोजेक्टरने कथेतले काही प्रसंग दाखविण्यात आले आहेत. जसे: नायिका घाईघाईने घरातून पावसात गाडी घेऊन निघते, हॉस्पिटलला पोचते व रूम मध्ये दाखल होते. इथे ती रंगमंचावरच्या खर्‍या खोलीच्या दृश्यात प्रवेश करते. हे फारच प्रभावी होते. नेहमीच्या नाटकात काही गोष्टी प्रेक्षकाच्या कल्पनाशक्तीवर सोडाव्या लागतात, कारण त्या सगळ्याच रंगमंचावर दाखवणे अवघड असते. हे काम इथे चलचित्रणाच्या माध्यमामुळे फारच सुकर होते. त्याने कथानक प्रेक्षकाला अक्षरश: खिळवून ठेवते. असेच पुढे कथानकाच्या अंगाने नायकाला दिसणारी चर्चची दृश्ये, समुद्राच्या लाटा वगैरे चलचित्रणावरचे देखावे एक अप्रतीम परिणाम साधतात. नाटक व चलचित्रण ह्या दोन माध्यमांचा मोठा सुरेख संगम साधून दोन्ही माध्यमांच्या शक्ती एकवटण्यात आल्या आहेत. ह्या अभिनव दोन माध्यमांच्या संगमाबद्दल निर्माती अमृता सुभाष व लेखक-दिग्दर्शक गिरीश जोशी ह्यांचे कौतुक करावे तेवढे थोडेच आहे.
    साधारणपणे रहस्यमय कथानकात घटनांची रेलचेल असते व ते रहस्य प्रेक्षकाला खिळवतेच. पण इथे खूनाबरोबरच नवरा-बायकोंचे नाते, स्त्री-पुरुष संबंध, स्मृतींचा बेभरवसा, ह्या भावनाही रहस्याच्या चित्रणाला कोंदण म्हणून उठाव देतात. त्यामुळे ही नुसतीच रहस्यकथा न राहून एक भावकथा होते. हे लेखकाचे कर्तत्व वाखाणण्यासारखे आहेच.
    मराठी नाटकात नवीन प्रयोगाबरोबरच एक प्रकारचा धीटपणा ह्या नाटकाने बाळगला आहे त्याचे आवर्जून कौतुक करायला हवे. ह्यातली स्त्री-पात्रे, अमृता सुभाष व केतकी सराफ, ह्यांची वेशभूषा अतिशय धीट वळणाची व समकालीन अशी ठेवून नाटकाने नवचैतन्य आणले आहे. तसेच आजकाल सगळ्या मालिकांमधून स्त्री-मरातब चालू असताना पुरुषपात्राभोवती कथा गुंफून त्याच्या दृष्टिकोनातून नाटक लिहिणे हेही कौतुकास्पद आहे. त्यातही हे पुरुषपात्र अनिकेत विश्वासराव ह्या देखण्या नटाने साजरे केल्याने पुरुषप्रधान कथानकाला पुन:रुजीवन मिळणे शक्य झाले आहे.
    कथानक व दिग्दर्शन खूपच रेखीव असून प्रेक्षकाला खिळवून ठेवते. सर्वच नटांनी अप्रतीम कामे केली आहेत. लव्ह-बर्डस्‌ विकणार्‍या पात्राने मी उरलेल्या पैशातून काही लव्ह-बर्डस्‌ सोडून त्यांना मुक्ती देतो, ही भावना जशी दाद देण्यासारखी आहे, तसेच सेक्रेटरीला पारध्याने नर-मादी निवडून एका पिंजर्‍यात कोंडावे व त्याचाच आपण प्रेम प्रेम म्हणून उदो-उदो करावा, ही भावनाही मोठी रम्य आहे. अशा अनेक काव्यमय वाक्यांमधून ह्या गोष्टीला एक साहित्यिक दर्जा मिळतो ह्यात प्रश्नच नाही.
    ह्या दर्जेदार नाटकाला व्यावसायिक यशही मिळो हीच सदीच्छा !


    अरुण अनंत भालेराव
    १८६/ए-१, रतन पॅलेस, गरोडिया नगर, घाटकोपर ( पूर्व), मुंबई: ४०० ०७७
    भ्रमणध्वनी : ९३२४६८२७९२
    ई-मेल: arunbhalerao67@gmail.com

  73. I like this play. Its a really Romantic, Susupense and thriller play as it is. I saw Aniket annd Amruta first time on stage. I am very happy to met u Both at Probodhan.
    I would like to see u again in Different role and different play. GOD BLESS YOU.Keep Doing.


  74. Excellent play.
    Good acting.
    Excellent stagecraft.
    Second act should be pruned so that we reach the end effortlessly,otherwise we feel that we are being dragged on .
    All the best.

    Ar. Rasik Vijayakar

  75. Hiii frnds me kal marathi natak LOVE BIRDS pahila...amazingly refreshingg ( I was expecting it wd be love story and all goody goody comedy but thanks to the suspense thriller which it actually is!!!) and I loved the idea of playing videos and scenes in between to keep the effect more real!!!..First time I saw something like where u have drama play along with the visuals-screen plays in between!!..greatt job guys!!!..

    Manohar Sane urf Girish Salvi yanchi acting khupachhh aavadliii!!..Aniket chi acting khup real, and it keeps the mood of this suspense drama lil lighter and not tense, with his charms and confused behavior :-)!! Amruta nehemipramane rockss!!..she was looking sooo pretty!!..last piece of act where she expresses her love for Vikram...awesomeee actingg!!!

    Overall the drama keeps u engrossed throughout and makes u lil bit confusedd too hehehe..but its FUN to watch with family and frds..

    ~ Kanchan

  76. nicely done act!!gud story.....superb acting!!

  77. kolhapurla kadhi yenar ahe natak mi khup diwasapasun wat baghtoy....
    plz kolhpurla lavkar ana...
    ajach mi miraj ani ichalkaranji chya show chi add baghitli newspaper madhe pan no add for kolhapur...
    plz lavkar he natak kolhapurla ana..........
    plz do reply

  78. Saw this refreshing drama recently. Amruta looks too good and attractive , same for Aniket. Though Amruta's role is smaller, she's done a wonderful job. But post interval, story goes to fast and amruta's speech style bcomes irritating. Unless viewers attend with intense concentration, they are likely to miss out on few things. It becomes contrived there after. But anyway, good effort by all. Congrats !

  79. khupach sundar natak aahe.ajacha hirak mahotasvi prayog khupch chan jhala..........amruta ani aniket truley rock.gr8 chemistry.........pan veshbhushevar thodi mehnat ghyavi itkech.........pudhil vatchalinsathi manapasun shubhecha..........

  80. kharach khup chan kam kel.. Aniket & Amruta Realy good SUPERB.....

    jinklas Aniket...

  81. i generally dont watch marathi play but i enjoyed this very very much

  82. Love Bird- - A COMPLETE THRILLER
    in short..........
    in marathi a good days r about to come for thrillers,attractive audiovisual effect has increased the value of drama......

  83. Really a great play
    Amruta rocks...

  84. Nice one Girish....especially after "...champagne" and "Final Draft".....Brave attempt....cheers.

  85. Good New play from Mr Girish Joshi, very committed to give value added product . We expect many more from sir.

    Aniket and amrita ,did excellent job.

    Although rate hiked,It was worth paying.
    Also liked the concept of video display mix up.

    Many Congratulations to all....


  86. nice play and a very good suspense, the video effect was great!! the end of the play should be more explanatory!!!

  87. सुरुवातीच्या पार्श्वसंगीतापासूनच आपण नाटकात गुंतायला सुरुवात होते.काल रात्रीचा प्रयोग खूपच सुविहित आणि नेटका. AV चा वापर नाविन्यपूर्ण आणि कल्पक पण तरीही AV चालू असताना नेपथ्य बदलणारी मंडळी ठळकपणे जाणवत राहिली. सर्वात मोठ्ठी चूक जाणवली ती वारंवार दाखवल्या जाणाऱ्या स्वप्नदृश्यात. एखादा माणूस स्वतः गाडी चालवताना त्याच्यावर समोरून येत असलेली गाडी हेडऑन आदळली असेल आणि ते त्याला सारखं स्वप्नात दिसेल तर कसं दिसायला हवं? तर, "ड्रायव्हरच्या ठिकाणी कॅमेरा आणि समोरच्या काचेतून दिसणारी अंगावर येत मोठी होत जाणारी गाडी" असं दिसेल. आणि कोणीही ते आठवून भयानक दचकेलच दचकेल!! तुम्ही दाखवताय तसं १०० फुटावरून लांब उभं राहून बघितली गेलेली दोन कार्सची टक्कर असं नाही दिसणार. आणि ती पाहून असं अनिकेत आणि अमृताचा अभिनय चांगला. गिरीश साळवी अप्रतिम. केतकी सराफ ला पहिल्या एन्ट्रीला जरा बरे कपडे नाही का मिळणार? ते पायात घातलेलं विनोदी दिसतं. (असो. ते तितकंसं महत्वाचं नाही म्हणा!). आणि हो, बंगल्याच्या मेन हॉल चा दरवाजा नीट लागेल असं पाहावं. एकुणात प्रयोग पकड घेतो. खेळ आवडला!!.......(प्रसन्न पेठे) १८.९.२०११

  88. Performance of Girish Salvi is excellent. Use of audio and video is also very good. Girish Joshi is very intelligent in all areas of this Drama. After all he is from my Native Place.

    Manjiri (Joshi)Saraf. Bhusaval

    Miss. Joshi ( St Alloyses School Bhusawal)

  89. Watched play on 20 th Sept. at Gadkari. Good work. One suggestion, many times on the screen, Goan background was shown whenever Aniket was shown disturbed . That was making suspense obvious. This thing if possible should be avoided.


  90. Excellent Play... I would really congratulate the architect of this play i.e. writer and director, Mr Girish Joshi....

    Excellent Plot designed. Till last minute it is unable to guess what could be the exact suspense......Every second, u are into the play as never know what could happen next.....or next surprise.......Ofcourse ANIKET and AMRUTA has added toppings on the cake...but i will credit to core that is Script, Direction, Story and presentation.

    As per me, Girish Joshi is the real winner for this play.....

  91. Nice thriller after long time..reminded me of 'Dipstambh'.
    Will like to see more such experiments (AV etc.)..

  92. hi watched on sunday....Nice suspence is maintained through out.....Girish salvi was good along with amruta and aniket....ol d best....gd mixture of new technolgy and traditional drama...

  93. It was really nice...Best Wishes for "LOVE BIRDS" team & specially to Amruta & Aniket..

  94. नाटक एकदम झक्क्कास.......... बोले तो पैसा वसूल.
    सर्वांसोबत बघता येईल असे.
    तीच तीच कॉमेडी बघून कंटाळा आला असेल तर हा सस्पेन्स थ्रिलर पहायला काहीच हरकत नाही.
    -अभिजीत गुरव.

  95. Kharach, Natak Apratim aahe. Khup divsani ek vegalya dhatnich Natak Pahayala Milal. Anikesh Vishwasrao is Good. Pan Sarva Natak Amruta Subhashchya Abinayane Khulun gelay.

    Avaghachi Hya Sansar Nantar Amrutacha ek damdar abhinay aamhala Baghayala milala, Pan Ekcha vaita vatat ki Girish Joshini tichya characterchi ek baju tashich sodalya sarakhi vatate ti jar dharun storycha ending scene tayar kela asata tar kadachit ending baghayala ajun thrill ala asat.

    Tas Natak changala aahe pan ending khup vegali aahe mhanaje ti hya suspence natakala suit hot nahi. Kadachit Majhyakade ek suggestion aahe pls mala ek Sandhi dya.

  96. Chaan, Really Enjoyed play.

  97. LOVEBIRDS एक मस्त नाटक आहे awesome play by specially अमृता सुभाष & ofcourse अनिकेत विश्वासराव & DETECTIVE गिरीश SAlavi........!
    मी आतापर्यंत पाहिलेले एकमेव suspense नाटक आहे आणि खरच शेवटपर्यंत
    खुर्ची सोडवत नाही...आणि अनिकेत विश्वासराव tuze तर
    खरच अभिनंदन...अमृता सारख्या कलाकारासोबत तू
    एवढा मस्त प्ले केला आहेस ........
    अमृता सुभाष यांनी प्रोडूस केलेले हे नाटक अगदी छान आहे
    स्क्रिप्ट कारण stage var दोन ते adhich tasanssathi
    suspense create karne kharach ek कठीण गोष्ट
    aahe aani ti tumhi sahaj shakya keli
    aani aamhala ajun adhikadhik suspense
    natak pahayala miltil ....................
    karan comedy natak tar halli sagalich astat pan
    suspense natak kami zali aahet aata
    me aani mazya sarv frnds ne hey natak khup
    enjoy kele.............


  98. I recently got to see "Love Birds" at Yeshvantrao Chavan Natyagruha, Pune. I liked the performances of all the actors, the background scores, the speed and overall impact of the play. All this totally kept me gripped to my chair :) Good going team "Love Birds". Congrats and Best Wishes for the future.....

  99. An interesting thriller which is very rare for Marathi Rangabhoomi.A must see for Marathi drama lovers.However due lack of publicity there were many empty seats.Producers should start sms & email campaigns to get more viewers.

  100. Sane was impressive, overall a nice entertainment provided by the 'LOVEBIRDS TEAM'.


  101. नाटक बघून घरी आले आणि लगेच blog वर गेले..खूपच आवडले नाटक..hollywood च्या सिनेमाची सर येते!!अगदी perfect आहे नाटक.cyclorama चा उपयोग खूपच प्रभावी होता!!पुन्हा पाहायला खूप आवडेल ( स्टोरी माहीत असूनही!) नाटकानंतर एवढे दमले असूनही सर्व कलाकार खूप छान बोलले,सहीपण दिली..खूप आनंद झाला :) thank you sooooooooooo much !!best wishes :)

  102. 9 nov 2011 shivaji mandir show
    there was a mistake in 2nd part of the show
    vishwas went out of his house for offfice with the gun in his hand. that time he wore a blue cotton shirt. But when he reached at office his shirt was changed i e pink with white lines. When he changed his shirt? Why?

  103. Watched the play yesterday at thane
    awesum acting by Girish Salvi......
    Aniket-Vishvas rao was a suprise package.......he was just mind blowing
    -Pushkar Kulkarni

  104. The play was fabulous. Must congratulate Girish Joshi for amazing screen play and story line. Light and sound effects are also astounding. Technology works wonders sometimes. But there is a catch. Excessive use of technology can ruin the balance of art. Free use of screen has become much interference. Except from Vishwas's dream all the other fillers were utterly unnecessary. In fact, dialogs, screen play and sound and light effects themselves were so prominent, that videos make injustice with all this. Drama is a medium where your dialogs and set should portray a story for you. And I guess this play does have this potential. So I would like to request that if use of screen can be minimized, it would add value to drama. And last but not the least, Amruta, Aniket and Girish are awesome and have done their best. Afterall, it's the artist who fills life in drama. Ketaki, impressive.

  105. Mahesh Pandit
    Shivaji mandir dadar,8pm

    Ek sunder natak rangabhumiwar aanlya baddal sarva kalakar tantradnya aani mandali yanche aabhar..
    Lovebirds-Khoop sunder natak mi aaj pahile.
    Mast.. sarva kalakarnche kaam apratim aahe..Aniket chi Audio visual barobar chemistry, Amruta ne sakarleli bhumika,girish salvi yanche kaam, Ketki chi secretary chi bhumika ekdam chaan. Shevat Paryanta natak khurchila khilavun thevte..Punha he natak avashya pahanar aahe.


  106. शनिवारी २६ नोव्हेंबर २०११ ला शिवाजी मंदिर , दादर ला " लव बर्डस " पाहिला. प्रामाणिकपणे सांगायचं तर नाटकात फक्त अनिकेत आणि साने याच दोन गोष्टी आहेत . सस्पेन्स खूप तकलादू वाटला . पार्श्व संगीत पण रहस्यमय नाटकाला साजेस नव्हत . कथा चांगली होती . नाट्यमयता पण खूप होती . पण माझ्या मते अमृताच्या पत्राला जी शेड दिली ती थोडी जास्त डार्क हवी होती . अभिनय उत्तम होता . व्हीडीओ फुटेज चा वापर अफलातून होता . सवांद काही ठिकाणी धारदार होते . उदा. सानेनी लव बर्ड ची कथा सांगण. , केतकी चे काही गहिरे प्रश्न ....छान होते. कन्फुज विश्वास अनिकेत ने सोलिड साकारलाय . अमृता लाउड वाटली . केतकीच ड्रेसिंग एकदम बकवास होत . गिरीश भाऊ मस्त भाव खाऊन जातात . एकदा पाहायला ठीक .

  107. Hi,
    aajach mi LoveBirds natak pahile. Nehmipeksha vegle mhanun suspense thriller chaangla aahe.
    Starting la jevha amruta aniket la gheun ghari yete tevha ti jara thakleli vaatli tichya bolnya varun. Kadachit backstage chya dhaavpali mule asel. Aso pan he talayla pahije.
    Natkache set design uttam. Lights pan mast.
    Aniketche kaam avadle, tasech saane suddha.
    Projector cha uttam vapar.
    In all, a superb play...


  109. namaskar....
    Kalcha Yashwantrao cha prayog pahila....
    me anonymous chya matashe sahamat ahe...
    but keeping that fact apart.....

    Techinally natak khupch jast sound ahe....lights afalatun....100% marks Girish siranna for designing such a fab lights....pan tevadach bhari execution suddha ahe..... set design projector sagla sagla ekdum chan...!!!!

    Acting made Amrutane 2nd half made kamaal kele ahe..... Aniket pan mustch....!!!! Sane aplya jagewar uttam..... so thodkyat sangyache zale tar suspense thriller chya sarv appeksha natak purn karte....!!!

  110. hi
    i had seen ur monday prabhodankar show.gud presentation....with lcd player.however i had seen vinay apte's lovebird (Dr.girish oak n Sanjay mone in it).they both had managed excellent suspense n comedy.few links like vikram's father hitting his mother,cont.bell hitting (showed in flashback)were not mentioned in vikram girish salvi's dialog.but amruta subhas was just awesome in play n supriya's character really add on d suspense.gud visual experience.ALL D BEST

  111. 24/12/2011 Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruhamadhe pahilela romantic suspence thrilar khupach chhan,apratim, punha pahanyajoga..Amruta Aniket sundar jodi....ketki chhan ..girish (Sane)apratim...sarvani ekda tari pahava asa Prayog..................Subhechha!!!!!!!..................Vijay Shirdhonkar

  112. 24/12/2011 Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruhamadhe kutumba sobat pahilela romantic suspence thriller LOVEBIRDS Apratim...punha pahanyajoga....Amruta Aniket "Sundar" Ketki "Chhan" Girish (Sane)"Apratim"...sarvani akada tari jarur pahavi ashi "Natyakruti"........Vijay Shirdhonkar.

  113. Awesome play !!good performances from Amruta & Aniket..very impressive SANE!! keep it up Lovebirds..GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vijay Shirdhonkar.

  114. Awesome play !!good performances from Amruta & Aniket..very impressive SANE!! keep it up Lovebirds..GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vijay Shirdhonkar.

  115. I have seen this play. I liked it very much. Aniket was good. And Amrita.....wow she was looking so SEXY & HOT for 1st time. I just love her....I loved the d way she was performing.
    A very good act.

  116. superb performances by all the actors. specially Aniket and Amruta. the play kept us guessing till the end who is real culprit. all together a different concept.

  117. fantastic performances..! Completely thrilling journey..!

    Nikhil Chauganjkar

  118. २२ जानेवारी २०१२
    शिवाजी नाट्य मंदिर, दादर
    suspense, Thriler आणि romance चा
    एक सुंदर मिलाफ ................

    मालोजी साळुंके

  119. Namaskar .

    Kalach Prabodhankar Thakare , Borivli yethe Natak pahile. Baryach divsanpasun ichcha hoti . Mala aani mazya mulala natak kharach aavadle. Video clips cha vapar natakat yevdha chanpane hou shakto he kalale. Sarva kalakaranche Abhinanadan. Sarvancha abhinay chan . aani lekhak , Nirdeshak Shri Girish Joshi yaanche pan abhinandan. Sane Apratim sakarlay. Natkala grip jabardast aahe. Aani mukhya mhanaje Amruta Suhash yancha abhinay sarvat uttam, tyana hardik shubhechcha.

    Madhuri Ketkar ,Charkop. 2nd Feb, 2012.

    yekun natak uttam aani purna team che abhinanadan aani aanek shubhechcha .

    Madhuri Ketkar.

  120. Amruta tu kharach great aahes. Natak chan rangavhal aahe. Aamhala farach aavadle. Thanks to you all the team.

    Arvind/ Alka.

  121. The thrilling drama continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aniket and Amruta are best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovebirds Rockssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. The drama keeps everyone thrilled till the end!!!!!!!!
    Aniket and Amruta are best!!!!!!!
    Lovebirds rockssssssssssss!!!!!

  123. I saKhup chan natak ani aniket ani sarv actor graeat job done

  124. Yesterday i saw this play at Prabodhankar..like script wid very good performance by Aniket n Amruta...SUPERB

  125. Hi,

    I was thrilled right from start scene.
    Aniket is excellent, to ek solid abhineta houa shakto, we look forward to him
    kal 8 march la me hai natak baghitala.
    treatment was excellent. Navin technology pan chann, Shootout scene tar excellent.
    Mr Sane is too good to see
    Amruta tu tarr kamal ahesa, tu gate, act karte ekdum zhakas
    mala phunna tuzha sati he natak baghayala avdel and me te pahanar ahe
    Aniket thoda barik ho
    you are superstar of marathi

  126. A P R A T I M........
    Ya natkaevdhe sundar suspense natak dusre asuch shakat nahi. Mi ataparyant 6 vela natak pahile. tari punha 7 vyanda kadhi 1da pahin asa zalay. Jari suspense mahit asla tari punha punha baghtana tevdhich maja yete. Var jya kahi kirkol chuka kadhlyat lokani tya agadi faltu ahet. tyacha natkavar kuthehi parinam hot nahi. 1 parikshak mhanun tya chuka kadhlya astil tar ok. Pan 1 prekshak mhanun ya natkala 101 marks dyaylach pahijet. Ajparyant sarvat jast awdlela he natak. Ugich panchat joke, haha hehe karit lokana comedy natak ya navakhali kahitari shiksha denari anek natke pahili. Pan natak pahilyacha samadhan denari kahi mojki natke astat. He tyatle sarvat uttam. Aajkal kityek tarun mulani natak ha prakarach pahilela nasto. Multiplex madhe jaun cinema baghne yapeksha natkat kay maja ani anand asto he patvun dyaycha asel tar he natak jarur dakhvava. Mi ataparyant 12 lokana he natak dakhvla. 1kanehi -ve report dila nahi. Ulat pratyek jan anakhi konala tari gheun jau next time hach v4 karat hota. Ajun khup lokana pahaychi iccha ahe. 19 may 2011 la mi 1st time he natak pahile ani tyanatar 6 vela. Pan November natar punyat prayog zalach nahi.

  127. We have seen the play recently at Kashinath Ghanekar Natya Mandir Thane. Every aspect of the play is just superb. It brings out the intelligence & skills of each & every one who has contributed for it. The idea of video on back groud keeps live connection with events. Actors have done the 'BEST' to keep viewers attached to play throughout. We congratulate all team members & wish higher success for your next productions.
    Sujata & Satish Gupte

  128. 17 Marchla Dinanathala he Natak Baghital....Khar mhanje don anki natakat ani rangmanchasarkhya kami jaget ekhadi kalakruti sadar karan ek aavhanach asat ani ekhad rahasyapradhan natak sadar karan mhanje tar agnidivya. Pan Lovebirds ya sarv babtit phar pudhe gel aahe.....rangamanchacha vapar, prakashyojana, tantrik rachana, sangeet, abhinay ani utkrushat lekahn yani he natak shevatparyant jagevar khilvun thevat......apratim. Phar kalane rangamanchavar asa ekhad gudh natak aal asel....Ani Girish Joshi ajun eka asach rahasyamay natak punha gheun yal hi apekha....

  129. Love Birds is a very thrilling play, full of twists, turns and mayhem. Devika’s (Amruta Subhash) and Vishvas’s (Aniket Vishvasrao)’s acting is superb and the emotions they put in the play are extraordinarily real. In the end Devika shows her true emotions to the audience and one cannot help but feel sorry for her character. Well done Amruta! Well done Aniket! And Kudos to character of Sane (Girish Salavi) for his superb, but clear reciting of dialogues. A must see play for the Marathi loving community. - Hemant Borkar

  130. Great play amazing performances from aniket Amrita and the detective. Excellent direction background score and light effects. Keep it up guys ur team rocks!

  131. 2jun.savitribai fule dombivali. yethe pryog pahila.amruta & aniket doghancha abhinay aavadala, amrutacha sahajsundar aani natural acting,tasech prathamach thrill acting khup aavadali.

  132. ''apartim natak'' wah........kharach jya aashene, hetune he natak baghayala gelo hoto tyachyapeksha kiteetari aanek patine he natak changal nighal. karan he natak jevha rangmanchavar aal tevhach mala pahayach hot. pan pratekveli kontyan kontya karnane baghayach rahun gel. tyamule manat utkantha khup vadhali hoti. pan aakher he natak mi pahil. girish joshinni apartim script lihlee aahe. aakasharsha hi script prekshakanna guntavun thevate. tasech kalakar hi apartim aahe. amruta, aniket,girish salvi,supriya ya sarvanni khupach chhan abhinay kelela aahe. mhanun ya natkala mazya khup khup shubhechha.....ani ya natkache jastit jast prayog vhave hi sadichha.
    - imran tamboli, thane.

  133. Simply awesome play ... i have seen it 2 times already and it was worth a repeat ... the scene just before interval is one of the best action scenes i have ever seen on stage ... and the twist in the tale at the end is too good ... nobody could have guessed it :)

  134. Superb play , very entertaining .....both Aniket & Amruta have acted really well.... story line,lighting , dialogues everything makes u enthralled.....salute to the masterpiece ..this kind of plays will really take marathi theater to next level.

  135. I saw the play today at vishnudas bhave natyagruha, vashi. it was extremely good by all means. may it be the story, acting, scenes, sets or effects... a viewer keeps on playing d doubt game between devika, sane and supriya all the time, which is because of the twists & turns in the play have got excellent timing as it is required for any suspense story.
    ek darjedar natak! -Priyanka kale.

  136. Love birds rocks!!! great acting by all the stars specially aniket and excellent direction by Girish Joshi.

  137. 22/7/12-Kalidas, Mulund: A complete roller-coaster ride. Excellent suspense-thriller plot.Daring dialogues.Sets to the point.On top of that, really great performances.Aniket's the best performance so far.It seems that his acting skills were not utilized to the best extent yet.But now he is there to be noticed.Girish is a seasoned actor so a good performance from him was not a surprise.Ketaki's dressing should be toned down a bit.A secretary's role can be done away with milder attire.And now about my favourite, Amruta Subhash.100% justice to Devika's character.She has efficiently portrayed various shades and emotional up-n-downs throughout the play.Also got a chance to meet her at the backstage after the play.Very beautiful and down to earth person.To summarize, a rare value-for-money experience for the audiences.

  138. 15th August 2012- Prabodhankar Thakrey Natya Mandir,
    Jus Want to say to LOVEBIRDS Team ..... LOVE YOU GUYS Keep It up ..... I enjoyed a lot ..... Amruta Love U .... Ur biggest Fan from Ti Fulraani and Aniket Bhai !! u jus Amazing ..... Hoping for ur National Award Some day All the best wishes ....... Simply Great .....

  139. 15th Aug 2012, Prabodankar Thakre Natya Mandir, Borivili -
    just Want to say ....... LOVEBIRDS team .... Great Work ..... Keep it up ....
    This Play has made me to watch now only theatre work and tata bye bye to Movies .... seriously guys what a performance .... what script .... what effects ... too good .... want this play to cross its limit in its prayog .... continuous prayog ..... yaar asa vaatla baghatach rahava .....
    Amruta .... LoVe U ..... A big fan of yours from "Ti full raani" ..... Aniket .... Amazing Peformance ..... hoping for your National Award some day ..... Hugs .. Kisses ... Applause .... Whistles .... everything Guys u Jus Deserve it !! Girish Sir Great Work .....

  140. Today we saw this drama at Prabodhankar Thakare. It was mind blowing thriller. Amruta, Aniket & Sane fabulous acting. Keep it up. - Anuya Sawant

  141. Like the drama.But the end not liked. Amruta's character as shown deeply in love with the Aniket,and going to extent of killing Ketki, will not logical of letting Aniket go free even after knowing his betrayal. It should be killing of Aniket by Amruta sound so logical.

    Secondly, choice of Amruta's dresses look cheap and not going with her character. I hope you will take it in right spirit.

    My name is Prakash Gavli and e-mail id-gavliprakash.2007@rediffmail.com

  142. Great!! Wathced at Ghanekar, Thane. Wonderful direction. Girish Salvi is rocking.

  143. mi 1st time marathi natak bagital aahe .kup mast aahe aata ya pude mi nehane natak bagnar aahe. hey natak mast ,aani kup bhari hote 3hrs aamala vichar karnaavanar hot majja aali pan en toda confuse hota . over all ek no mast thanks to all team . best of luck

  144. Excellent Play.
    Concept of Small Video clip in the play and its relation with the real play is very Good. Idea of wearing the same costume by actors on the stage as shown in the video clip is out standing. It makes things real. Aniket and Amruta very good looking and professional on stage.keep it up. Mr.Sane-Girish Salvi OutsTanding. Ketki is an up-coming actor. All the Best to her.
    Perfectly written and directed and meticulously performed by the team.

  145. Lay Bhari. Aniket played well as confused and Dara-Dara Sa Insan.
    Amruta was excellent as whimsical and crazy for love girl. General perception was Aniket is Very Good Looking and average actor and Amruta Very Good Performer and average looking star. But from this play its clear that Aniket is now a Matured actor along with his Gd looks ( he looks great) and Amruta is really Beautiful with her outstanding performing skills. They both Rocks.
    Mr.Sane is excellent and Ketki crispy in her small role.
    Really Enjoying and Thrilling.

  146. Show at Gadkari Thane, Aug 2012,
    just too amazed to have witnessed such live thriller & suspense act on a stage.
    No regrets about anything..what more can one expect from 3 hours of live play?
    10/10 marks in all departments..Acting, background music, action scenes, use of videos..overall direction was perfect.
    Story was good,
    Excellent performances by amruta & aniket,
    Surprise package in between by Character of Sane
    All in all the drama does succeed in keeping the curious audience stick to their seats till the end.
    I must say its a must watch.

  147. First of all sorry, I am giving my comments so late. I saw this drama on 02/10/2012 at Prabhodhankar Thakrey Hall, Borivali at 8.30 pm. No doubt drama is excellent and it's really a good suspense thriller. Truly speaking I like work of Sane Detective but I don't like the way of delivery of his dialouge. May be it's director's choice. I was on front seat so I can hear his voice very well. But at the time of interval people at the back-seater were whispering that they were not able to hear Sane's voice as his delivery of dialouges was too fast. Just I gave you my observation. Otherwise Amruta & Aniket was excellent. The real magic of writer and director as they combined all the situations like Dental Doctor, Vikram, Secretary very well and placed before us a Good Suspense Thriller. Thanks - Pritesh Vishwasrao - 9819742708 - pritesh08031975@hotmail.com

  148. छान, अप्रतिम, नाटक म्हणून सुंदर , वैचारिक बांधणी, रहस्य उत्तम, साने उत्तम, बाकीच्यांचा support हि छान , स्क्रीन वर हॉस्पिटल चे दृश , video क्लीप दाखवण्याची कल्पना भन्नाट. नाटक संपल्यावर फक्त एक विचार करण्या सारखी गोष्ट वाटली - वास्तविक जीवनात असे संभवणे शक्य आहे का? मग विचार केला- नाटक म्हणून कलाकृती छान, रत्नाकर मतकरींचा गुढकथा संग्रह वाचून झाला कि जे वाटते तेच. थोडक्यात- झक्कास. -sachinmparkar@yahoo.com