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Synopsis :
It is said that lovebirds live in pair. Passing away of one will lead to the end of his or her partner; who will fast unto death. Could this really be true? A fact or a myth? Who pairs them up anyways? Just because someone decided to put those two birds in a single cage, a bond so strong develops that till death do they part. Sounds strange, a little improbable perhaps.
This story revolves round people who believe in this strange, improbable feeling.
Vishwas Inamdar regains consciousness in hospital only to find out that he has lost his memory post a nearly fatal accident that he met. The only person whom he can think of trusting and spending rest of his life with is Devika, his wife. Fate has brought him back to square one from where he now has to understand himself, people and situation around him with a fresh start.
Vishwas, who is a partner in a leading advertising firm, would be helped in this arduous journey of self exploration by his personal secretary Supriya.
In the fragile mental and emotional state that he is, Vishwas decides to go to office as he normally would. His visit to his workplace further perplexes him. How was he before that accident? Was he cheating on his wife? What kind of relationship did he have with his secretary? In this baffled state he finds on his table a bill for Lovebirds worth Rs. Five lakhs.
Why did he buy such a large number of lovebirds? To seek answer to this question he calls up the owner of the pet shop, Niranjan Sane. What follows after Sane meets him is a series of strange, perplexing events.
What Vishwas gets to know is contrasting information about people who surround him and are close to him. He treads on the thorny path of trust and non trust on his intimate relationships. What reveals to him in midst of this mayhem is his own past, which is none the less mysterious. He comes to know of a serious crime committed before his memory loss.
In order to save himself from this mess, he would have to put his faith in someone. But who would that someone be?
A compulsive thriller that would glue you to the end with waited breath.

Actors :

Devika Inamdar : Amruta Subhash
Vishvas Inamdar : Aniket Vishvasrao
Sane : Girish Salavi
Supriya : Ketaki Saraf

Technicians :

Ajay pujare : Set Incharge
Niranjan Vidyasag : Stage Manager
Baban Bhagat : Video Projector Operator
Anil takalkar : Lights Operator
Rochan Ganu : Music Operator
Aatish Kumbhar : Sound Operator
Sachin Kirloskar : Video Camera Operator